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They say that by 2025 as many as 97 percent of all international companies will have implemented Artificial intelligence based solutions, and intelligent house robots will be present in as many as 14 percent of households. Huawei is presenting 10 most important trends in new technologies.

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New technologies – what can we expect in the future?

The years to come are the time of Artificial intelligence – says Global Industry Vision report developed by Huawei.

One of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world has laid out 10 most important trends and directions for new technologies, technological Development in industry and the consumer sector. See what it points to.

1. Robots in retirement homes

The global prevalence of household robots will reach whole 14 percent by 2025. In 3 years, the average of 10 robots will be operated by retirement homes in G8 countries.

2. Virtual reality

The parallel Development of 5G Networks, VR/AR technologies and machine learning will open new possibilities – both in the business and the cultural sectors. About 337 million people and 10 percent of companies around the world will be using solutions based on virtual and augmented reality.

3. Intelligent assistant

The dynamic Development of Artificial intelligence in consumer devices will enhance the abilities to automatically search for information, without effort and involvement from users. Each of us (well, almost, 90 percent) will have their intelligent assistant.

4. Tailored streets

Intelligent transport systems will connect mobile devices of users, their vehicles and the infrastructure, influencing things like improved traffic flow and quick emergency responses.

5. Working with a robot

According to the report data, there will be 103 industrial robots for every 10 thousand workers.

new technologies

6. Expanded creativity

The AI cloud will reduce the costs and entry barrier in many areas, such as scientific research, implementation of innovations as well as art promotion, opening unlimited possibilities of developing creative potential. GIV predicts that by 2025 as many as 97% large companies will have introduced solutions based on Artificial intelligence.

7. Uninterrupted communication

Artificial intelligence and Big Data analytical systems will allow for free communication between companies and clients as well as eliminate the problem of language barrier.

8. Working in cloud

By 2025, as many as 85% business applications will be based on Cloud solutions.

9. Quick Development of 5G

5G is developing more dynamically than earlier network generations. We can already observe the enormous potential of 5G for being utilized both by individual consumers and by businesses. The GIV report analysts predict that within 3 years as much as 58 percent of global population will have access to 5G Networks.

10. Global digital management

Due to the number of data processed around the world, the Development of Digital technologies has to be based on shared international standards for storing and utilizing Big Data. GIV predicts that the annual global data volume will reach 180 ZB (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB).

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