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The dynamic development of interactive technologies results in lower and lower prices of modern devices. Thanks to this, more and more schools decide to buy a projector, visualizer and interactive whiteboard.

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Interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard is a large projection screen integrated with the projector and computer. It works on the principle of a touch screen, which, depending on the technology of the board, can be operated with a finger or a special pen. New to the market are Interactive LCD whiteboards, which allow the use of interactive functions without a projector, can be used at any time as a regular monitor to display a presentation or a movie.


Interactive whiteboards give a Lot of possibilities to diversify classes, including:

  • launching any educational program, encyclopedia, multimedia dictionary, or website of your choice and taking your own notes on it;
  • launching a multimedia manual;
  • displaying any background needed during the lesson and writing on it;
  • displaying any illustration, photo, animation or film and taking notes;
  • solving tests online;
  • enriching the class with interactive exercises;
  • using online tools to do quizzes and puzzles;
  • preparation of diagrams, tables, charts, drawings, task content or interactive exercises for the lessons with students, which will significantly save time during the lesson;
  • gradually revealing fragments of the message, which allows students to focus their attention on the content that is relevant at the moment.
interactive whiteboard

Examples of using interactive whiteboards

The easiest way to start your first steps with a whiteboard is to use the “white board” function – with an empty whiteboard only with a toolbar you will soon learn to work with the board. Another important element of the application are specialized tools such as ruler, protractor, circular or finished figures and geometric shapes, diagrams, mathematical functions – very Important tools for teaching science subjects, available in every whiteboard. In addition, the school can purchase extensive software that can be used in all subjects during the lesson – these are already special dedicated software – it is worth taking a moment to choose the most suitable one for the school.


The benefits of using interactive whiteboards in the teaching process are:

  • greater interest and involvement of students during the lesson and in preparing the sources needed for the lesson;
  • simultaneous interaction with many senses allows for quick and effective Absorption of knowledge and longer memorization;
  • help to focus attention on the more difficult and key issues by using colourful scribbles;
  • easy exchange of didactic materials between teachers and between teachers and students;
  • conceptual maps, images and images will help viewers to understand the content;
  • a possibility to attach your own notes to the materials.

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