Global megatrends and new technologies

The field of industrial electronics has been undergoing significant, even revolutionary changes in the recent years.

That concerns both consumer devices and completely industrial technology. Those changes are both the results of global trends observed in various industry branches and specific conditions that appear in specific fields, which treat industrial electronics as a service.

Intelligent solutions

Applications based on artificial intelligence elements will be necessary for the next stage of digital transformation. Up to now, even the most advanced IT systems were always dependent on human decision, but soon that should change. Even in the electronics industry.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, will become more and more common – from solutions that aim to help a human make the right call, to complete takeover of the decision process. It will be particularly important in the era of Big Data, where we can see huge amounts of collected data making efficient analysis with no modern tools impossible, especially in real time.

It is estimated that by mid 2020s, solutions based on artificial intelligence will become commonplace, at least in industrial applications.

EMS Contractual Manufacturing

Another equally important trend is utilizing services of EMS manufacturing by electronics companies. Only the biggest manufacturers from the electronics industry are able to bear the weight of manufacturing all necessary subcomponents used in their activities.

Comparing pros and cons clearly points to the fact that abandoning outsourcing wouldn’t be cost-efficient. That means higher cost of production, but also a risk of bad quality of the end product.

EMS Contractual Manufacturing

Lack of workers and ecology

The electronics industry, similar to many others, has problems with the lack of qualified workforce. That’s why it becomes necessary to pursue automation of production processes as much as possible. It will allow not only to replace missing employees, but also to increase productiveness and efficiency of the company.

Another important trend that has a huge impact on electronics manufacturers and other industries is the environmental protection concerns and increasing obligations in it.

  • Care for environment forces companies to use energy efficient electronics in manufacture processes, which translates to lower costs.
  • On the other hand, pro-ecology requirements encourage end users to choose electronics devices that consume less energy.

Automotive and telecommunication industries need modern electronics

The telecommunication industry is probably the biggest benefactor of the changes in the electronics industry.

Innovative solutions and competition caused this sector to greatly increase in value. But dynamic changes that wouldn’t be possible without modern electronics are also undergoing in the automotive industry.

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