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A wireless mouse is not just an interesting gadget, but also a Practical solution to facilitate the use of a computer or laptop. The prices of wireless mice are getting more attractive, thus more and more people can afford buying such a device.

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What should you consider?

The right power supply is very important in case of every wireless mouse. Models that work only on batteries or replaceable rechargeable batteries can cause many problems when the cells run out of power. If we do not have spare batteries on hand, we will either have to waste our time on a trip to a kiosk or stop working for some time until we charge the Discharged energy storage.

That is why it is worth monitoring the battery level on an ongoing basis. However, for this to be possible, the wireless mouse have to be equipped with an energy level indicator. Unfortunately, such facilities have only more expensive models. Some manufacturers have created models with a docking station, which we can use after finished work to charge the battery installed in our mouse.

Connection method

Knowing that the mouse connects to the computer wirelessly is not enough information to consider before buying. There are models that use traditional radio waves, usually with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. In this case, they will work only when the so-called dongle is connected to the USB port of the computer to provide connection.

The advantage of this solution is a Stable and fast connection, without noticeable interference or delays. However, using the mouse takes one of the USB ports, which in the case of notebooks may be at a premium. The alternative is a mouse that uses Bluetooth technology. In this case, connecting a dongle is not necessary, if only our notebook is equipped with a Bluetooth module.

Wireless mouse for gamers

Gamers are a special group of mouse users. In many games, the precision and speed of mouse action can have a significant impact on the final result. What to consider when buying?

  • good quality sensor,
  • wire or hybrid connection,
  • high resolution,
  • refreshing the connection,
  • good sliders,
  • additional programmable buttons,
  • memory for settings.
wireless mouse

Wireless mouse for a professional use

If you choose a wireless mouse for professionals, such as graphic designers, you should be focused not only on the smooth work or speed of the mouse. In the case of a device that is to become a tool of our work, the sensitivity of the sensor will be extremely important, as well as being equipped with additional buttons to facilitate maneuvering between windows and offering additional functions. The mouse, which we will be using continuously for many hours, must be perfectly ergonomically profiled so that its long-term use doesn’t tire or strain our hand.

An important feature in this case will also be the material from which the item was made. It should be equipped with a non-slip coating, thanks to which our hand will not slide over the mouse.

Wireless mice with a laser sensor will probably be the best option for professionals. It is worth noting that its resolution is not lower than 2000 dpi, because this parameter is the absolute minimum for efficient use of mouse to create Complex graphic designs.

In the case of wireless mice for special tasks, high-quality low-friction sliders will also be particularly useful.

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