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We usually handle our favorite smartphones with caution, but there might always be a situation where our hand slips and the device starts falling in slow motion with its screen towards the ground. In the best case scenario, the user will be met with a scratch (hopefully not a diagonal one), the worst case is that the screen is cracked, which means having to pay for expensive repairs or often replacing the entire phone. In response to that, Green Cell has created the GC Clarity Protective Glasses.

A Protective Glass is an important addition to a modern smartphone, without which the device is at risk of preventable damages. They Protect not only from the consequences of falling but also from scratches resulting from everyday use.

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What smartphone Protection is the best?

Green Cell is expanding their offer with high-quality tempered Glass for Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi smartphones that enhances the convenience and safety of use.

It’s hard to imagine not having a smartphone in our pocket these days, no matter where we are. Just like every electronic device, it is at risk of different kinds of damages, including mechanical ones. At low cost we can, however, provide it with Protection and ourselves with peace of mind. That’s what GC Clarity was created for.

Protection and functionality

The GC Clarity tempered Glass was designed to Protect a smartphone from external damages, like scratches from keys or coins. The screen maintains its full functionality. Its full coverage allows for problem-free use of the touchscreen, thumb reader or the front-facing camera.

tempered glass

The Glass was coated with an oleophobic layer that Protects from smudges when using the smartphone. Careful profiling ensures perfect fit against rounded screen edges. On top of that, the user doesn’t have to quit using a phone case.

GC Clarity, thanks to being coated with glue all over, fits perfectly to the screen, ensuring reliable operation. Each batch has gone through careful stress tests, so that the user can be sure they are getting a top-quality product.

Easy install

In order to make it easier to properly install GC Clarity, the manufacturer includes a wet-cleaning cloth, a dry-cleaning cloth and dirt-removal stickers. That way everyone can easily stick the Glass to their phone’s screen without needing a qualified technician’s help.

Advantages of tempered Glass

The GC Clarity Protective tempered Glass for smartphones ensures perfect Protection of screen from damages and cracks. That way the smartphone doesn’t drop in value even during intense and long use.

High hardness of GC Clarity is achieved through a process of double tempering at temperature of 420 ºC. That way the Glass ensures full Protection of the display from scratches caused by keys, coins and other small items.

The Clarity Glass, fitting to a micrometer, maintains functionality and ensures Protection of the screen all over its surface. At the same time, it is incredibly thin and perfectly profiled, which makes it compatible with every smartphone case.

Thanks to a simple manual and a set of essential accessories, the Glass is incredibly fast and pleasant to stick on.

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