Smartphones have started to grow again. This time, it doesn't make any sense at all.

I put my phone in my pants pocket – it doesn’t fit. I try to put it in the holder in the car – it won’t work. Why don’t I put it on a shelf in the central console? Too narrow. The conclusion is simple: the phones are too big.

Bigger phone = better phone = smartphone!

I remember about 7 years ago I entered the operator’s showroom and asked for the first Android phone to replace my worn Nokia Lumia. I said “just let it not be larger than 4.7” – this size seemed to me the final acceptable limit and I looked with pity at the Samsung Galaxy Note debuting at the time, whose dimensions were closer to a tablet than a handy smartphone.

Of course, time has shown that Samsung was right, and Steve Jobs was not, claiming that the phone can only be as big as you can comfortably reach with your thumb by holding it with one hand.
And in this way smartphones began to grow, and the larger screen became at the same time a quality indicator – the bigger the phone, the better. Period. It was 2012.

Adapting products to the new smartphone reality

  • The automotive industry is a crowning example. Whoever has a car that is at least 6-7 years old knows that there is no space for a modern smartphone. And even in the three-year Skoda, the mug from the Simply Clever package, to which I am supposed to fit the phone, could contain at most iPhone 8.
  • Nevertheless, cars designed and released for sale after 2015 usually have space for a modern phone. The same Skoda, which does not fit a phone with a 6 “screen into the ”cup”, easily fits it on the tray in the center console. A growing number of manufacturers offer wireless chargers in cars and they also easily fit smartphones up to 16 cm long.

Adapting products to the new smartphone reality

Smartphones have started to grow again

If for a moment we forget about the Galaxy Note 9, which measures nearly 162 mm in height (Note 10 will probably be smaller than it, looking at the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, for example), almost no smartphone on the market exceeds 16 cm in length.

And yet, only in the last two months I had at least four smartphones in my hands that surpassed the outline established five years ago by the iPhone 6 Plus, and thus cease to match existing accessories.

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I will never forget my first computer. I was interested in new possibilities just as much as the computer itself. This fascination was so strong that I became NERD in a second 🙂 I am an IT technician by profession. Before I started my own laptop repair service, I gained experience for 8 years. My friends keep asking me:
„Hey Joshua, which computer is better for gaming?”, „I can't pick the graphics card, help me!” , „What do you think about off lease computers?” e.t.c.
That's why I got used to giving advice. And just to be honest - I like it very much. So I decided to share my knowledge with other people in need.

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