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We all certainly own a smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet, iPad or a console. And if you don’t have all of these devices, you have at least one of them, right? This is your source of entertainment, knowledge and communication. So how to take care of them so that they serve us flawlessly for as long as possible?

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Most electronic devices are very susceptible to moisture. Don’t use your phone during a long, hot bath. If you take your laptop to a cafe in winter, remember not to start it immediately after bringing it from a cold place. In this situation, condensation phenomena may occur. Wait with turning it on until the equipment reaches the room temperature.

Never place it near a radiator or fireplace to speed the process up. As a result of a sudden change in temperature, your equipment will certainly get damaged. To properly Protect your laptop or tablet, buy a special case or a cover.


How often do you carelessly throw your phone to the bottom of your bag? Do you also have keys and hand cream there? Unfortunately, such treating significantly contributes to the equipment damage. Therefore, here as well, an appropriate option will be a special case, Protective screen or even plugs for headphones’ slots.

electronic devices


A proper care is most desirable. You can easily find suitable liquids and sprays in computer stores with which you can daily wipe your equipment. You’ll also find some Special microfiber cloths that won’t scratch delicate screens of your phone, laptop or tablet. Moreover, you can find special brushes for your computer that will ease the access to spaces between keys of the keyboard.

Additionally, you can use common cotton buds. Keep in mind to avoid eating or drinking close to the keyboard. Only in this way you will keep crumbs of food away to prevent cracks and difficulties in using the equipment.


This is a very good thing especially for laptops and especially when we use them on a soft surface. For example, if you are sick in your bed and you need to use a laptop, use a special cooling pad or table that will Protect your equipment from overheating due to the wrong surface.


If you noticed that your computer, laptop or tablet works slower, it crashes more often and at the same time is quite loud, you should format it. Formatting means to remove all personal files from the device’s internal memory. Although, it’s not a permanent disposal of your important data. Formatting is a fairly lengthy process, but it is highly recommended when you suspect that you might have such viruses on your computer the Anti-virus program cannot remove.

I will never forget my first computer. I was interested in new possibilities just as much as the computer itself. This fascination was so strong that I became NERD in a second 🙂 I am an IT technician by profession. Before I started my own laptop repair service, I gained experience for 8 years. My friends keep asking me:
„Hey Joshua, which computer is better for gaming?”, „I can't pick the graphics card, help me!” , „What do you think about off lease computers?” e.t.c.
That's why I got used to giving advice. And just to be honest - I like it very much. So I decided to share my knowledge with other people in need.

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