8K TVs - not only the resolution counts!

There exists an official specification of 8K TVs, which defines what should an 8K TV be capable of to receive a proper certificate. Interestingly, two major manufacturers don’t care about that.

What should an 8K TV have?

According to information made public on the website of the association, a device certified as an 8K TV has to be able to display images in a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels. Sadly, it doesn’t have to be the effective resolution. Just like in the case of 4K, technologies of subpixel rendering and dithering are allowed, decreasing the effective resolution in order to make building wide angle panels easier.

What about HDMI for 8k TV?

  • A TV with a HDMI 2.0 connection will not fulfill the requirements to be called an 8K TV. The ability to display images in 8K at 60 frames per second is required, and HDMI 2.0 limits it to 30 frames in such a resolution. At least ne HDMI 2.1 connector will be required. The default codec that will have to be supported is HEVC.

What about HDMI for 8k TV?

An 8K TV will also have to achieve peak brightness of at least 600 nits. Overclocking the TV parameters in order to achieve it will not be allowed. 8KA will provide manufacturers with minimum requirements concerning bit color depth, framing, subsampling of chromination and black levels, which have to be present even at such screen brightness.

And what about companies, which aren’t members of 8K?

Good question. Especially since those aren’t small companies. We’re talking about LG, Sony, Netflix and Amazon. Some speculate, that the absence of those companies is caused by the disappointment in UHD Alliance, so the association built on similar principles and aimed towards a similar goal – promoting and standardizing 4K and HDR images.

  1. UHD Alliance introduced very low thresholds for UHD Prmeium TVs, so the ones able to display images at both 4K and HDR – such certificates can be granted to rather inexpensive, border-backlit LCD TVs.
  2. Those are just rumors though. No matter the reason, LG and Sony will of course still sell 8K TVs, and Amazon and Netflix will both produce content in this format. They will simply not be allowed to use the logo that the 8K association will reveal in the near future.

Though we have to admit, the requirements for the official logo seem pretty sensible.

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