smart door locks

Intelligent door solutions make our everyday lives easier – a solid door with adequate automation makes a safe and modern option that ensures convenience. Are you carrying heavy shopping bags? The door will recognize your smartphone and open on its own.

You don’t feel like carrying a bunch of keys with you? Just open it with your fingerprint! And thanks to an app connected to the system you can make sure that the door remains locked – even if you feel like you have forgotten about it.

Magnetic door Locks are a standard that can be often found in offices, among other places. That way, only authorized people can enter the room. Smart door Locks – how do they work?

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One of interesting solutions

The author of the project has decided to install a similar system at their home office. For that purpose, they utilized the popular ESP8266, among other things.

The lock made by a tech whiz who goes by the name of CalebB57 can be deactivated three different ways. The first method is providing a secret password on the door, the second is using a special phone app. The third method only works from the inside – all you have to do is approach the door and it will get unlocked.

smart door locks

How is the intelligent door lock made?

The heart of the device is ESP8266. The submitted passwords are read by an operational amplifier. An IR module, on the other hand, is used for proximity door opening. The electromagnet itself is controlled using an N-type MOSFET transistor.

The sensor used in the system works by utilizing the piezoelectric phenomenon. It consists of generating electricity on the tips of a deformed piezo element. This effect makes it possible to easily register the secret sequence provided – knocking on the door generates vibrations that also influence the sensor, causing it to get temporarily deformed.

The author has programmed the microcontroller using Espruino, which allowed him to write a program in the Java Script language. The electromagnet’s casing was designed in the Fusion 360 software and then 3D printed.

Do you have ideas for any other convenient ways to unlock such door?

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