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We help in selection of gaming monitor and describe the most important monitor properties which have an impact on gaming experience.

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What matrix for which games?

Buyers most frequently consider, while searching for perfect monitor for gamer, whether choose a TN or IPS gaming monitor, but indeed there are still models with VA matrix and besides, the same type of matrix it’s worth to fit to specifics of games used.

  • For dynamic games – for example action games, FPS whether FPP, it may dispose of TN matrix that will provide the fastest response time and it’s quite possible that it also has the best refresh rate in relation to the price of the monitor.
  • For RPG games, adventure and strategy – and in fact for all productions, where response time is not as important as Perfect color reproduction, deep black and eye-catching contrasts, the best choice will be a monitor with an IPS matrix.
  • Players, which play in different types of games and also users, which want to buy a monitor for games and work, they can decide for monitor with VA matrix, which fuses features from IPS and TN monitor and in terms of Quality and price, it place more or less at the middle of that solutions.

Response time

One of the most important parameters is response time, His value depends on i.a the type of the matrix used. In this case, the best solution will be a TN matrix. Producers attach Increasing attention to this, which results in the appearance on the market of monitor models with a very short response time. The shorter it is, the better. The best setup on the market characterises response time of just 1ms. Too long time can cause smudging and slight image lag, which in the context of e-sport is unacceptable, because victory or failure are often determined by fractions of a seconds.

monitor for gamer

At present, a certain problem may be the fact that there is no single, unified response time measurement unit on the market. At present, the decided majority describe this parameter as GtG (gray-to-gray), which means the time it takes to change the pixel color from one shade of gray to another. However, there are still models on sale with BtW (black-to-white) which image how much time the matrix need to display in white a „blanked”, dark pixel.

Refresh rate

In case of gaming monitors, one of the key parameters is also refresh rate, given in Hz. Best models are characterised by refresh rate at the level of 144 Hz. It’s a very good value, which allows to get a image with high smoothness.

Additional elements

Other elements, which you should pay attention for is connectors. Monitor should be equipped in ports HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2a, MHL 2.0/HDMI 1.4 and headphones input. Technologies that improve comfort of use will be an additional asset. We are talking about features, which reduce the effect of tired eyes and also about stabilizer of black, which improves the Visibility of scenes played in the dark.

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