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Graphic tablet for drawing is not only a tool for professional illustrators or photographers. It is also an excellent choice for hobbyists – however, if we are only starting adventure with digital graphics, it is worth paying attention to several issues.

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Types of graphics tablets

All graphics tablets can be easily classified into three main types: pen tablets, graphic tablets with a screen and advanced graphic tablets with a display and a computer. Each of the selected options has its own advantages. It is also worth emphasizing that Each type of graphic tablet has a slightly different approach to the main challenge, which is help in drawing on the computer in a natural and comfortable way (as it is on a sheet of paper).


Currently, two types of graphics tablet are available on the market:

  • Tablet consisting of a pad with a working surface and an indicator (stylus/pen). The tablet’s working surface is a reflection of the entire monitor, which, using magnetic resonance imaging, transfers the Pen’s movements to the screen.
  • Interactive pen display, which is a combination of a graphic tablet and monitor with an LCD touch screen. This type of device allows you to constantly correct the image that is visible on the working surface.

Before buying a graphic tablet, it is worth checking the technical parameters that will help you choose the right type of device and avoid disappointment.

  • Working surface (reflects the monitor screen, so its size must be adjusted – small or large, respectively).
  • Resolution (2500 lpi resolution is the most common and guarantees professional operation of the device, of course, the higher the resolution, the better the comfort of work and reflection of details).
  • Tablet aspect ratio must match the aspect ratio of the monitor (4: 3 or 16: 9)
  • Tilt angle (a feature that differentiates the tilt angle of the indicator from the working surface, typically up to about 60°).
  • Pressure (intensity of the pen pressure that affects the thickness of the line; modern tablets have up to 2048 pressure levels).
  • Accuracy and height of indicator reading (the first is a value in millimeters or inches, which shows the accuracy of the indicator – the lower the value, the better; height means the minimum distance to be approached pointer to the working surface so that the image can be transmitted to the monitor, usually 10mm).
graphics tablets


When choosing a graphic tablet for yourself, it is worth considering its purpose first. If it is to be used mainly for fun or to Check yourself as a creator, it is not worth investing in high-end equipment immediately. Surely it might be way more intuitive and comfortable to work with it, rather than cheap tablets, but it can cost a fortune. A pretty good idea if the equipment is to be used solely for fun is to simply buy a tablet – not a graphic, but “ordinary tablet”, equipped with a stylus.

Work equipment is a different case. There is no point in saving on it- usually after a short time of using a really cheap device, its deficiencies in the form of not quite accurate work, low comfort and small possibilities begin to bother. Specialized software may also be a problem, usually cheap equipment doesn’t come in a packet with it or is not compatible. Before buying, you should also think carefully about the type and size of equipment, and this is best to check in person.

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