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Whether you are a Sunday player or an enthusiast, finally the time will come to replace the graphics card. This guide will help you in making a decision.

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What is a graphic card?

Graphic card is a component, without which the computer couldn’t work. It’s a type of Expansion card, which is responsible for rendering graphics on the monitor screen. It’s a graphic brain which carries out complicated mathematical calculations and sends image to monitor like a optic nerve.

What to pay attention for?

  • Select the connector type – so that a graphic card montage would be possible, it is a necessary to check whether the computer motherboard has a Matching connector. Correct working of cards requires PCIe 2. 0 standard with 16 or 8 lines.
  • Check the parameters of graphics card – Graphics card performance primarily reflects the type and size of memory. For service high resolutions of image and work in graphics programmes, 4-6 GB of memory will be enough.
  • Pay attention for cooling – High computing power of graphics card requires effective heat draining. Passive cooling (without fan) is quiet, but gives way with performance to cards with two or three fans.
  • Check the power supply – the higher the graphics card performance is, the more energy this layout uses during operation. For this reason, the gaming computer’s power supply should provide about 500W of power for stable work of a Medium-class graphics card.
  • Compare the ports – compare a graphic card to connector type, which your monitor is equipped in.

Integrated or dedicated?

Most of processors have an integrated graphics chip, which allows to reduce the price of the computer and his power compsumption. However, integrated chips offer lower performance and predominantly they work well in less demanding purposes. We recommend this solution for home and office computers and laptops.

What does it mean that graphic card is dedicated? In short, it’s a separate extension card, which high-quality computers and laptops get equipped in. We can count on much better performance and, in the case of desktop computers, also on easy modernization. In general, such constructions are already noticeably more expensive.

A dedicated graphics card is a good option for Players and enthusiasts.

graphic card

Remember about memory and processor

RAM Memory or graphics card memory is another important factor to consider. For playing in newest games, 4 GB of RAM memory will be enough. However, during the update to modern graphics card you should choose a memory of a capacity at least 8 GB.

It will enable future verification of card and allows avoid Often updates. Imagine that you bought a graphics card with newest specification, but processor, which you currently have, is a older model. What will happen in such situation? It will increase the possibility of bottlenecks, which will drastically reduce the performance of your setup.

So make sure whether you have current capabilities of your processor comparing to selected
GPU. In other words, both of them should be able to receive the same amount of processing load. It will provide smooth gameplay.

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