How electronics equipment impacts your sleep

More and more people declare that they have problems with insomnia. Factors lowering quality of sleep include evening snacks, uncomfortable beds, or lack of fresh air flow in the bedroom. The real source of the problem might be elsewhere – ever-present electronics do have an impact on your sleep.

A TV show episode watched right before bed, or browsing social media in your bed will significantly lower the quality of your rest.

Electronics devices and sleep quality

Phones, laptops and tablets became a normal part of everyday life in the recent years. They’re not only work tools, but also a form of entertainment. The memory of such a device can fit a lot: movies, music, photos, interesting applications. With such numerous stimuli, it’s easy to lose control over the time you spend in front of the screen.

Children and teenagers are particularly in danger. By reading text messages one after another, browsing through the newest information, they’re in a constant state of emotional stimulation, which translates to problems with falling asleep. Once they do fall asleep, the rest is less effective, they sleep less, and nap during the day.

Impact of the blue light on your sleep

Time spent on using electronics is not the only factor impacting sleep quality – the mere presence of electronics equipment in your bedroom is also a problem. All devices emit so-called blue light (also known as HEV light), the waves of which have a similar wavelength to sun rays – which leads to complications in melatonine, the sleep hormone production.

Simply saying: the light emitted by the phone laying next to the pillow makes the body have problems telling night from day.

According to the experts, the key to healthy sleep is spending an hour before falling asleep in a quiet environment, with dimmed lights, and away from electronics devices.

Results of inadequate sleep amounts

It’s important to be conscious with your time before bed, since proper sleep hygiene will significantly impact the health of your whole body. A one time case of staying up through the night will lead to anger and fatigue during the day, but a low quality of sleep over a long time will lead to lowered immunity to vascular system conditions as well as diabetes.

HEV light emitted by the electronics devices will also impact your fertility and skin. Ineffective sleep will impact swelling and eye shadows, change your skin color and accelerate aging processes.

inadequate sleep amounts

The risk that stems from lack of sleep is disturbing, especially since even 63% of the population claims that they don’t get enough sleep during the week.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up a proper sleep hygiene and remember about seemingly small activities, such as putting away your laptop or a smartphone and picking up a traditional paper book for an hour before sleep – will surely allow you a more satisfying rest.

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