DSLR camera lens

Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are more and more preferred by people who begin to take photography seriously. They wish to start their own business or run professional blogs in which photography plays a big role. However, when we are getting started with an advanced camera, the question arises – what lens will be suitable to begin with?

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What choices do we have?

Before you go to the store to purchase DSLR camera lens, you should be aware of what you can pick from. In simple terms, lenses can be divided into the following:

  • Varifocal lens – or so-called zoom lens. They allow us to zoom in and out of the object we are photographing without moving. They are especially useful when we want to photograph an object while hidden, such as when observing birds.
  • Prime lens – this type of lens does not allow to zoom in or out of the photographed object. They are especially useful in poor lighting as they are clearer than Varifocal lenses. In addition, this type of lens allows for a shallow depth of field, which makes the lenses suitable for portrait photography.

Of course, among these two groups there are smaller subgroups, but these are not of importance to a beginner. The most important thing is to think about what we want to photograph exactly, and what conditions will prevail during the session.

For wide shots with a focus on flexibility

Based on this, we can determine what we require the most. If you often photograph landscape and other wide shots, the best investment will be a fixed light zoom with small focal length. A good investment is the Tamron 17-50 f/2. 8, which gives a very Nice image. If you’ll find a good lens (you can often choose one at the store), it will create a lot of fun while taking photos.

DSLR camera lens

Background blur and portraits

However, most people wish to create blurred background, nice portraits and close-ups. That’s why you’ll require a small aperture, which will not only allow you to shoot in poor lighting but will also guarantee a blurred background. In this case there is only one choice for me, a 50mm f/1. 8. There are different models with this focal length. Fixed Focal length lens (does not allow zooming in and out) with very low aperture. Its greatest advantage is primarily the price/image quality ratio. Not the quality of shooting itself, but the actual image quality. It is made of 90% plastic, so dropping it should be avoided.

In general, Focal length lenses have a huge advantage over zoom lenses due to their image quality. In most cases, fixed lenses give much better image quality than zoom lenses at a similar price. Additionally, they are characterized by great light (low aperture), which gives a beautiful blurry background. The only disadvantage is that instead of zooming in with your hand, you must do so using your legs (just walk forward or back).

What is the best lens for a beginner?

The most effective solution for a beginner photographer is the so-called putty lens, which is already attached to the camera by the manufacturer. It is usually an 18-55mm f/3. 5-5. 6 lens. Such a lens allows for zooming in or out of an object, but it is not too bright. However, before we decide what type of photography we are most interested in and what we want to focus on, it is best to start the adventure with a standard putty lens.

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