I have been passionate about electronics and technology for many years now, I know the market of technological accessories from the inside out, and since I have a passion for writing, I decided to set up this website and share with you what it has to offer. I review all kinds of equipment, gadgets and devices here, trying to be as objective as possible in my judgements. Many years of work in the service repairing laptops allowed me to gain knowledge in the world of electronics and technology, I know answer to more than just one question so you will also find here guides – they are intended to help less informed users in using various devices. I hope that my website will meet your expectations. Enjoy your reading!

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I will never forget my first computer. I was interested in new possibilities just as much as the computer itself. This fascination was so strong that I became NERD in a second 🙂 I am an IT technician by profession. Before I started my own laptop repair service, I gained experience for 8 years. My friends keep asking me:
„Hey Joshua, which computer is better for gaming?”, „I can't pick the graphics card, help me!” , „What do you think about off lease computers?” e.t.c.
That's why I got used to giving advice. And just to be honest - I like it very much. So I decided to share my knowledge with other people in need.

Technology and electronics on the next level!

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